Save energy! Save money! Carpool!

AMC asked some experienced trip leaders for tips on organizing a carpool – a great way to minimize the carbon footprint of your next adventure. Here’s their advice:

Step 1: Choose the driver (and the car) – Consider fuel efficiency and make sure there’s enough room for everyone’s gear.

Step 2: Choose a meeting point – Park and Rides are convenient, easily mapped, and some even have security.

Step 3: Timing is everything – Set clear departure and return times and build in time for meals and bathroom breaks!

Step 4: Share the cost – Chipping in isn’t awkward. Just tally up the expected cost of gas, tolls, parking, etc. and let riders know in advance.

Step 5: Take a Know-Before-You-Go Moment – Before hitting the road, make sure everyone knows the plan, including car rules and planned pit stops.

Check out a more detailed version of this guide to carpooling here.