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Executive Committee for 2020

Chair                                 Susan Weida,        610-838-2335

Vice Chair                        Bill De Stefano,  267-640-6244

Secretary                          Midori Wakabayashi,

Treasurer                          Margaret McDonald,

Backpacking                    Cindy Crosser,     302-757-0604

Bicycling                          Robert Liston,

Communication               Eric Pavlak,     610-650-8926

Conservation                   Adrian Noble,     215-284-5222

Diversity, Equality &      Janet Oenner,


Family Activities              Annette Sheldon,

Hiking                               John Rogers,

Leadership                       Jeffrey Fritzinger,

Membership                     Kathy Kindness,      215-478-1529

Newsletter*                       Eric Pavlak,     610-650-8926

Paddling                           Eric Pavlak,     610-650-8926

Publicity*                          Raun Kercher,

Leroy Smith Shelter*       Patricia Sacks,     610-437-3227

Social                               Jeanne Mantell,     215-262-7463

Skiing*                             Sue Bickford-Martin,

Trails                                Greg Bernet,

20s & 30s                         Kate Prisby,

Lehigh Valley Group*      Phill Hunsberger,     610-759-7067

Ombudsman*                   Allen Male,

Regional Director*           Lois Rothenberger

     *non-voting position, does not need to attend meetings.

The executive committee is the governing body of the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club. Nominating and election procedures are given in the Chapter Bylaws. We are follow the Chapter Standing Rules. Here is our 2019 Annual Report. Past Annual Reports: 2009 2010 2011  2012 2013 2014 2015 2016  2017 2018.

The 2019 Executive Committee assumed office following the election at the Chapter Annual Meeting on Saturday, November 3, 2018. The elected members will serve until the 2019 Annual Meeting on November 2.

Executive Committee Meetings are open to all chapter members. Minutes of all meetings are available from the chapter secretary.

The 2018-19 Executive Committee Meeting schedule is:

Saturday, December 1  –  Henning's Market, Harleysville,PA –  starts 9 AM, all day

Tuesday, February 12 – Plymouth Meeting Friends, rescheduled to Tuesday February 26 due to weather

Tuesday, April 9 – Plymouth Meeting Friends 7 PM

Tuesday, June 25 – Illick’s Mill, Bethlehem PA 7 PM

Tuesday, September 10 – Plymouth Meeting Friends 7 PM

Saturday, December 7 - Henning's Market, Harleysville, PA  9 Am to 4 PM









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