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Listing you activity and using electronic trip registration

Leaders! The new electronic registration completely replaces the paper waiver and sign in sheets.

Here is how to use it:


If you have not taken the COVID-19 training and quiz, do so first. The video takes about 50 minutes, and the easy quiz less than 10 minutes. Click HereYou can post trips without the training. but they will not be approved.


1.  Log into ActDb as you have previously done. You will arrive at the familiar activity entry page. On the left side banner under Add Event, choose your committee and click for the activity information form.


2.  Enter your activity information. Remember we are recommending leaders not provide exact time and location for meeting spot as all participants must register and spaces will be limited. It’s good to put in your activity description a note that all participants must bring their own mask, hand sanitizer, water, and snacks.


3. At the bottom of the trip entry form is a field for registration. Use the drop down menu to select:

Required-In Person Opportunity.


4.  Your registration entry form will drop down.

Registration Start and End Time: once your registration end time passes participants will no longer be able to register electronically.

Limit participants: Yes

Participant Limit: 10 maximum. The leader and a co-leader count as participants, so if you have one leader, the maximum is nine, with two set it to eight. You can choose to have fewer participants.

Allow waitlist: Yes or No, your choice

Waitlist limit: Your choice

Following these fields several default questions and a long stream of legal text similar to that found on the sign in sheet. You can ignore this.

Participants need not be AMC members, but must set up an AMC account to register. They can do so here.


Managing your registrations

1.  When a participant registers, you will receive an email with the subject stating Registration Submitted for Your Trip. It will show you the registrant’s name, contact information, emergency contact information, the town and state where they live, whether they checked to accept of decline the legal waiver and their electronic signature. They must complete all fields and provide a real emergency number, not 911 or their own phone number.

They must accept the legal waiver and sign the form electronically. If they have not, please contact them and ask them to edit their registration.

2.  You must now confirm or decline the registrant. If you need to do any additional screening by phone based on special requirements of your activity, this is the time. Per AMC policy, participants must be considered for registration in the order of their registration. You can certainly decline a registrant who does not meet a skill or safety qualification for the activity, but not for any other reason.

At the bottom of the email is a link to go to Click it, or you can simply login to you leader account on ActDB.

In the upper left  of the screen is My Dashboard. Click this. The screen will look something like this :



3. At top is a list of any activities you are registered for as a participant. Below is a list called Trips I’m Leading. Click on your trip, and you will get a screen that looks like:


This shows people waiting to be confirmed to your trip, and people already confirmed. If you want to screen the person by email or phone, you have their contact information.

4.  Click on the VIEW button next to the name of a person awaiting confirmation.

You can see the details, and change Waiting Review to Waitlisted, Confirmed or Canceled. You can also change the status of a person that has already been confirmed for the trip. For example, if the participant contacts you and says cannot come, you can change their status to Canceled, and free up s spot on the trip.

5. Once Confirmed. you and the registrant will get an email notice. Participants can cancel via their Dashboard. You can also message individual participants or the group via the Dashboard. You will want to let your participants know your exact meeting place and time.

6.  When you reach your maximum participants the system will automatically add new participants to your waitlist if you set one up. If a cancellation opens a space you will need to go back into My Dashboard to confirm the next participant on the wait list. This does not happen automatically.


Day of the trip and post trip: some bad news

In the process of using the new electronic registration system, everything works well and  is easy to use. When it comes to printing a list of trip participants and their emergency contact information, the new system falls apart.

When you look at your list of participants, you get this:

It looks you can choose three options. But...


The HTML file lists only the names, email address and phone numbers of the participants. No emergency contact information. Plus, it is hard to print. You could copy and paste.


The Excel file has all the information, but it would take an expert 20 minutes or more to unscramble it into a printable or even readable list.


The PDF file is your best bet. It will be in landscape mode. The first four pages are mostly dark gray and blank, except for release form legalese in a narrow column of type on the far right of the page. Page 5 has the information you want, but it may have some dark gray blocks at the top.


You can print just the last page of the PDF file. You could keep it on your phone.This is the file you want to submit with your trip report.


Hint for Mac users: open the file using Preview. Select and copy the roster information and paste into Text Edit. No more gray. You can now print it, save it or save it as a PDF (best).


Really Bad News

If you did not print ar save the trip roster on or before the day of your trip, you have lost it. ActDB indicates that you can access past trips, but you can't.


These problems and bugs have been reported. When and if they are fixed, this page will be updated.


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