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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member of AMC to participate in activities? No. We even encourage you to first participate in a few different activities with different leaders to get a real understanding and feel for how the club works. Then after you realize how much fun you are having, we do encourage you to become a member and support the AMC and its mission of outdoor recreation, education and stewardship.

What is a Family Membership? A family membership includes two adults and any children under the age of 21 living at the same address.

How can I update my mailing and/or e-mail address? You can call AMC Member Services at 800-372-1758. Or you can log into the AMC Member Center to update your new contact information.

Where can I find my AMC Membership number? This six digit number can be found either on your AMC Membership Card or on the address label of your AMC Outdoors magazine above your name.

I am a DV Chapter member. How can I receive the chapter Weekly Activities Bulletin e-mail? Go here.

How can I change my AMC chapter affiliation? You can call AMC Member Services at 800-372-1758. Or contact the DV Chapter Membership Chair at Or you can log into the AMC Member Center

Can I be affiliated with more than one chapter at a time? No.

Can I participate in the activities of other chapters? Yes, as an AMC member you may participate in any of the other 11 chapters’ activities. You may be screened by a leader who will ask about your fitness, skills and equipment, depending on the type and difficulty of the activity.

Why am I screened by a leader before I am allowed to participate on certain trips? Some of our activities involve a little more risk and difficulty. And so not only for your enjoyment of the trip but your fellow participants as well, leaders will screen you to be sure you are up to the adventure. Some activities require special skills and equipment, and the leader may ask about theses.

Who should I contact if I do not receive my AMC Outdoors Magazine? You can either call AMC Member Services at 800-372-1758 or contact the DV Chapter Membership Chair at

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