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Eleventh and last in a series

COVID Heroes: Those serving others during the pandemic

Our chapter members have heart! DV AMC is proud of those who have served as essential, front line workers throughout this crisis. To those who put themselves in harm's way to care for our neighbors and support our communities through work and volunteer efforts, thank you!

We asked chapter members to send nominations for people who have been doing extraordinary things to help their community, help the environment, or help AMC during the COVID pause. As you can see from the list below, many of our members have been busy doing just that in a wide variety of ways.

Eric Pavlak, keeping us engaged during the early days of the pandemic

Eric Pavlak worked incredibly hard this spring to create content for our newsletter Footnotes and for our weekly bulletin.

He also designed and implemented our chapter photo and art contest, organizing entries, and showcasing the work.

Another great project of his was creating a club photo page for people to post pictures of their neighborhood walks and other socially-distanced and local travels.

To assist with the chapter’s restart efforts, Eric designed two web pages — one for COVID training (for AMC leaders) and one for electronic trip registration.

There is always so much going on behind the scenes in terms of communications; Eric has probably done much more than this to support our chapter that we don’t even know about!

He even led the first paddling trip in AMC after the restart.

                              — Lennie Steinmetz     

Read about all our COVID Heroes in the

fall issue of Footnotes click here to download

2021 Executive Committee Nominations  Meet our newest nominees


Chair                    Bill De Stefano

Vice Chair            Karla Geissler

Secretary             Midori Wakabayashi

Treasurer             Margaret McDonald

Backpacking        Cindy Crosser

Bicycling              Robert Liston

Communication   Eric Pavlak

Conservation       Adrian Noble

Family Activities   Annette Sheldon

Hiking                  Julia Watson

Inclusion              Janet Penner

Leadership           Jeffrey Fritzinger

Membership         Amy Williams

Paddling               Eric Pavlak

Social                   Karen Rossino

Trails                    Greg Bernet

20s &30s              Katie Martins

                             Kristen Falzon, vice-chair


As reported by the Nominating Committee, Adrian Noble, chair plus Dan Loughner, Raun Kercher, Marcia Telthorster, Larry Priori and Amy Williams. The Nominating Committee members are active chapter members, of which no more than one may be a voting member of the current Executive Committee.

Voting decisions will be made at this Virtual Chapter Annual Meeting by those members in attendance at the business meeting. More information and registration.

New! AMC Delaware Valley Chapter overview video.

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