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Three more opportunities remain to attend Winter Hiking Essentials Workshop

Snow and ice have not yet made an appearance, but more than 20 aspiring winter hikers did for the “Intro to Winter Hiking” event at Illick’s Mill in Bethlehem, PA, on December 4.

Participants had fun learning about winter gear, clothing and safety. Many said they are eager to venture out in the snow and try out gear. A woman, who recently completed the AT, said she was excited about continuing to hike into the winter, and meet other hikers.

One participant said, “I’ve wanted to snowshoe for a long time, and this presentation inspired me to procrastinate no more.”

Another commented “I’ve done some winter hiking, but this presentation really opened my eyes to how to do it more safely.”

Another reported that it was a very thorough presentation that balanced the safety issues while capturing the fun of winter hiking.

Three more sessions are scheduled this winter:

Thursday, January 11, Newtown Township Municipal Building, 7-9 PM. Registration fee: $12 (township resident, $10). Registration: at; phone 215-968-2800, ext. 239.

Friday, January 19 – Sunday, January 21, Mohican Outdoor Center, includes lodging, meals, instruction and practice hikes. Registration fee: $179 for AMC members, $193 for non-members. For reservations please call 603-466-2727. Questions about Camp Mohican call 908-362-5670.

Thursday, February 8, Newtown Township Municipal Building, 7-9 PM. Registration fee: $12 (township resident, $10). Registration: at; phone 215-968-2800, ext. 239.

Participants for all sessions will be offered the opportunity to join an introductory winter hike on a later date when there is snow.

Awards announced at annual dinner and meeting

John Rogers, Jim Catozzi, named Appie and Golden Appie for 2017

John Rogers, the Appie of the Year for 2017, has been a regular on the Wednesday hike circuit for several years, most notably heading us up the Dunnfield Creek hike to Sunfish Pond. He is serious about his hiking leadership skills, engaging in progressively more advanced training courses. An active member of the Leadership Committee, our Appie is a great contributor to developing leadership skills in others at the DV Chapter leadership training course. He has become a trainer for the club wide Mountain Leadership Skills program. He is known for his careful mentoring of new hike leaders. His knowledge of Wilderness First Aid is reassuring to many hikers who are just starting to enjoy the outdoors. And our Appie is an active trail work volunteer on the DV section of the Appalachian Trail.

While some of his local activities may seem tame, John is a wild man when undertaking his own outdoor adventures. Whether it is backpacking through a week of driving rain in Iceland, in sub-freezing conditions in the Adirondacks, or on an ice route in Switzerland, our Appie takes on adventures not only for fun, but to build his ability to lead others. Many of us have enjoyed his presentation at the Lehigh Valley group meeting-even if we end the evening glad we are going to home to a warm bed.

This year’s Golden Appie Award goes to Jim Catozzi, who has a long history of involvement with the DV Chapter. He has served as the chapter’s Hiking Chair, Backpacking Chair, Vice Chair and Chair. He has also been a member of the chapter’s Leadership Committee for many years, served on the Volunteer Committee of the Mohican Outdoor Center, and as the Chapter Representative to the Keystone Trail Association.

This year, he graciously stepped in to fill one of the many holes left by the loss of Rich Wells and now works behind the scene as a data administrator for the On-Line Trip Listing System.

Our Golden Appie is also well known to many DV members for his culinary skills. Anyone who has in the past enjoyed his dinners for 100+ guests at the Mohican Spring Fling, the Saturday night dinners at the DV Leadership Training course, the breakfasts and dinners at the DV Leaders Picnic, the KTA Trail Crew Week dinners, or the many campsite meals he prepared during his AT hike series.

Photo coming soon.

Jeanne Mantell, who lends a versatile helping hand, volunteer of month

Some DV Chapter volunteers work behind the scenes to contribute to the smooth operation of Chapter functions. One of these volunteers is Jeanne Mantell. Jeanne is well known to our Wednesday hiking group as a friendly face who welcomes new participants to the group. But did you know that Jeanne also prepares and mails our Footnotes newsletter to members who have no internet access? And did you know that Jeanne is the chief assistant to our Social Chair, Mary Jane Martin? She is an important part of preparing all those yummy appetizers and lovely table settings that make our social events special. So thank you Jeanne for your quiet but important contributions to the DV Chapter.

The Chapter’s Volunteer of the Month program was initiated to recognize volunteers nominated by their peers. Chapter members can nominate volunteers by e-mail to

The nomination should contain the nominee’s name, reason for the recognition, and name of the nominator. Each nominee name is entered into a random drawing for the Volunteer of the Month recognition. The monthly winners are entered into an annual drawing at the Annual Dinner for a grand prize of a weekend stay at an AMC facility. Nominees must be an AMC member, not a member of the current Executive Committee, and may serve in any volunteer capacity that benefits the Chapter mission in the Delaware Valley area. See the past Volunteers of the Month.

Suzanne Dixon Named President of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Suzanne Dixon, former senior director of the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), has been selected as the Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s (ATC) new president and CEO. Beginning on December 11, Dixon will lead the organization in its mission to maintain, protect an celebrate the Appalachian National Scenic Trail (A.T.).

“Suzanne has the extraordinary talent and drive that is necessary to be the leading voice for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy,” said Sandra Marra, chair of the board of directors for the ATC. “Her success in protecting the values of the National Parks, along with her expertise in fundraising, advocacy and programmatic growth, will be a great asset for the ATC and the greater Appalachian Trail community.”

For nearly twenty years, Dixon served key roles in NCPA advocating for the broader protection of the National Park System. She most recently served as senior director of regional operations with accomplishments including the designation of San Antonio Missions National Historical Park as a World Heritage Site. She also played a critical role in the designation of the Waco Mammoth National Monument and the protection of Fort Davis National Historic Site. Dixon currently serves on the board of directors for the Waco Mammoth Foundation.

Chapter plants memorial tree at Spruce Run Recreation Area

On a beautiful October Sunday morning, several vigorous AMC DV volunteers planted a memorial tree at Spruce Run Recreation Area in Clinton, NJ. Spruce Run is still recovering from Superstorm Sandy that felled or damaged numerous trees within the park. The Executive Committee donated a stunning October Glory red maple which now shades a bench overlooking the reservoir and honors AMC volunteers who passed away this last year.

Lennie Steinmetz, Susan Weida, Reed Goossen, and Kathy Kindness, on behalf of AMC DV, fondly remembered the contributions those who donated their time and talents to AMC, including:

Ruby Horwood, was DV Chapter Chair from 1969-70 and the first female president of the AMC (club wide) from 1974-75.  During her time in those roles, she was active in the Tocks Island Dam battle, which led to the creation of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, and also in protecting Franconia Notch in the White Mountains from the proposed widening of I-93 to a four-lane superhighway. She passed away on August 2, 2017 after celebrating her 100th birthday in the spring, compete with greetings from two of AMC's past Executive Directors and a celebration with the female DV Chapter Chairs who had followed in her footsteps.

Dave Simpson was the Manager of the Mohican Outdoor Center from 1998-2011. For hundreds of Mohican visitors, Dave (and his collie Mo) was the face of Mohican - the friendly guy who greeted them at check-in, who served countless breakfasts and dinners, who offered information on trails and activities in the area, and who served as pianist/guitarist/singer at the Saturday music nights.  Dave lost his battle with cancer on October 24, 2016.

Rich Wells served on the DV Executive Committee from 2007-2017 as Hiking Chair, Webmaster, and Communications Chair. He was also a member of the chapter Leadership Committee, who maintained the records on all current DV leaders and monitored trips posted on the DV activity schedule. The number of behind-the-scenes activities that Rich handled for the chapter became apparent after his untimely death this spring, when the Executive Committee worked diligently to try to fill the many holes left by his passing.

Russ Moyer did not have an official leadership role in the chapter but was an extremely active hiker and an ambassador of goodwill. He always had a ready, welcoming smile for everyone and infectious enthusiasm for the activity in which he was participating.  He loved hiking and his AMC family and will be missed by many in the club who enjoyed his love of trivia and anecdote.

AMC moves its headquarters

The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) has officially moved into its new organizational headquarters at 10 City Square in Boston’s historic Charlestown neighborhood, positioning the outdoor recreation and conservation nonprofit to better support its staff, cultivate expanded community connections, and achieve its long-term growth and mission objectives.

Last year, after almost a century at its Beacon Hill headquarters, AMC sold its Joy Street buildings and subsequently purchased the City Square property, which has been undergoing renovations in preparation for the move.

Phone numbers and e-mail addresses remain the same, the new address is 10 City Square, Boston, MA 02129 .... more


Nature Conservancy adds Cove Mountain, first preserve in central PA along the Kittatinny Ridge.

At Cove Mountain, the Conservancy is managing the preserve to support native forest and wildlife, including migrating raptors and songbirds. The preserve is also open for public recreation via a series of restored former logging roads that have been transformed into two miles of hiking trails leading to scenic views of the Susquehanna River, surrounding ridges and the historic Rockville Bridge – a railroad bridge built in 1902 and the longest of its kind in the world. ... more


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