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Chapter seeks volunteer for post of Inclusion Chair

The DV Chapter is looking for a volunteer to act as Inclusion Chair to serve on the Executive Committee.  The Inclusion Chair is responsible for ensuring that Chapter activities are accessible to diverse populations.  There is already a functioning Inclusion Committee that will work with the Inclusion Chair.  To indicate interest and to review the job description for this position please contact Susan Weida, Vice Chair, at before March 3.


Nockamixon disabled access boat dock gets funding

We are pleased to report that the Friends of the Nockamixon have raised the necessary funds and, therefore, we’ve made our chapter's  donation of $2,000, the $42,000 safe dock project of the Friends of Nockamixon State Park.

The goal is to make launching a kayak or canoe at Nockamixon a whole lot easier and safer for people with disabilities. This project connects people to the outdoors and increases di- versity, equity and inclusion through providing access to Lake Nockamixon paddling for handicapped individuals.

The DV Chapter has a capital reserve fund that is used for public service projects, such as trail development and preservation, and projects like this dock.

Our chapter receives $8 annually from each member’s dues, and uses this for operating expenses. The reserve fund comes from a surplus we developed when we stopped print publication of this newsletter seven years ago, which was consuming almost two thirds of our budget. As a non-profit organization, we must use this money for charitable or public service purposes.

Volunteer vacations, new for 2018; volunteer trail crews and teen trail crews

Adult Volunteer Vacation participants will lend a hand to maintain trails and do similar work and have some time to enjoy the sights and sounds of different and  locals. More info.

For more information on volunteer trail crews and teen trail crews, click here.

Joan Aichele earns Distinguished Service Award, AMC's most prestigious honor

Benton Schwartz, age 21, is presented with Emerging Conservation Leader Award

Greg Bernet receives Volunteer Leadership Award

Joan Aichele was presented with this year's Distinguished Service Award at AMC's 2018 Annual Summit, the club's yearly meeting and gathering held in the Boston area. Only one or two of these club-wide awards is presented each year.

It recognizes AMC volunteers who have contributed outstanding efforts to the mission of the Club for a sustained period of time, and at the very highest levels. This award highlights long term commitment to enhancing and sustaining the integrity of the Club’s conservation, education and recreation values, with a special acknowledgment that the recipients have developed a complete understanding of the values and goals of the entire organization.

Joan was membership chair for four years, chapter chair for three, served on numerous committees, led the club-wide 2013 Fall gathering, leads 50 or more activities each year and logs a thousand or more activity miles in most years.

Benton Schwartz was honored as the Emerging Conservation Leader of the year for his trail work, corridor monitoring, trail stewardship and conservation work. He attended AMC's Teen Trail Crew at Camp Dodge while on high school. and took chapter's leadership training program, becoming a hiking leader the day he turned 18. His love for boundary work led him to study land surveying at the University of Maine. He is now responsible for leading work trips on a  10 mile section of the AT and caring for the two shelters & privies in that section. Benton is the son of long-time trail maintainers Dan and Noelle Schwartz.

Trail Maintainer Greg Bernet was awarded the Volunteer Leadership Award for his work on our chapter's 15 mile AT section in Pennsylvania, plus he personally maintains an AT section in New Jersey with the NY/NJ Trail Conference, where he is also on their board as AMC's representative.

Greg also led in the scouting and development of the PA Highland's trail, organized and led work crews in Ringing Rocks Park. He reorganized the DV Chapter’s AT Corridor Monitoring program, increased the number of volunteers from a handful to nearly 20. He recently was asked to take on the trails in Jenny Jump State Park.

Trail Service Awards

For the hours of trail service, there are two awards. Those in our chapter receiving them were:

Marian Pychowska Award for at least 96 hours in a year: Dan Schwartz, Greg Bernet, Mike Manes and Kieu Manes

Warren Hart Award for at least 224 hours in a year: Phil Mulligan

We will have photos and more information in the next issue of Footnotes.

Anthony Palandro, backpacking leader, volunteer of month

Spring is on the way and backpackers are getting ready, so our DV Chapter Volunteer of the Month is one of our backpacking leaders, Anthony Palandro.

Anthony is noted to have a kind spirit and became a leader to give back to the club that provided him with so many fun opportunities.

 His mentor observed that as he was completing his co-leads, “It was already apparent that a wonderful communicative dance occurred between Anthony and the participants.

"He quickly demonstrated his competence and when a situation occurred that required assistance, Anthony was the first to step forward and help, whether it be taking someone else’s gear or giving up something of his own to provide a makeshift sling. He is always completely aware of what is happening with every person on a trip and he is a truly responsible, capable, and natural leader.

"And then he brings along that South Philly, Italian humor that makes for entertainment around the campfire. Although Anthony doesn't make cookies for participants or have us sing Kum Ba Yah at the circle up, we've decided....he's a keeper in the backpacking group!" Congratulations Anthony, for demonstrating what is special about AMC leadership.

The Chapter’s Volunteer of the Month program was initiated to recognize volunteers nominated by their peers. Chapter members can nominate volunteers by e-mail to

The nomination should contain the nominee’s name, reason for the recognition, and name of the nominator. Each nominee name is entered into a random drawing for the Volunteer of the Month recognition. The monthly winners are entered into an annual drawing at the Annual Dinner for a grand prize of a weekend stay at an AMC facility. Nominees must be an AMC member, not a member of the current Executive Committee, and may serve in any volunteer capacity that benefits the Chapter mission in the Delaware Valley area. See the past Volunteers of the Month.

Last chance to attend Winter Hiking Essentials Workshop, February 8

Snow and ice had not yet made an appearance, but more than 20 aspiring winter hikers did for the “Intro to Winter Hiking” event at Illick’s Mill in Bethlehem, PA, on December 4.

Participants had fun learning about winter gear, clothing and safety. Many said they are eager to venture out in the snow and try out gear. A woman, who recently completed the AT, said she was excited about continuing to hike into the winter, and meet other hikers.

One participant said, “I’ve wanted to snowshoe for a long time, and this presentation inspired me to procrastinate no more.”

Another commented “I’ve done some winter hiking, but this presentation really opened my eyes to how to do it more safely.”

Another reported that it was a very thorough presentation that balanced the safety issues while capturing the fun of winter hiking.

Three more sessions were scheduled this winter:

Thursday, January 11, Newtown Township Municipal Building, 7-9 PM. Registration fee: $12 (township resident, $10). Registration: at; phone 215-968-2800, ext. 239.

Friday, January 19 – Sunday, January 21, Mohican Outdoor Center, includes lodging, meals, instruction and practice hikes. Registration fee: $179 for AMC members, $193 for non-members. For reservations please call 603-466-2727. Questions about Camp Mohican call 908-362-5670.

Thursday, February 8, Newtown Township Municipal Building, 7-9 PM. Registration fee: $12 (township resident, $10). Registration: at; phone 215-968-2800, ext. 239.

Participants for all sessions will be offered the opportunity to join an introductory winter hike on a later date when there is snow.

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