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Delaware Valley Chapter 2019 annual report now available ... link

Jesse Gusler, trail work leader with PA Highlands Trail Stewards, Volunteer of the Month


Jesse Gusler has been an active member of the Pennsylvania Highlands Trail Stewards since June of 2018, working on building new trails in Ringing Rocks County Park and Veterans' Park in Quakertown. He is a hard worker and has agreed at times to stay after the regular work day for some extra work.

He has also donated some material for our use in building bridges. He graduated from AMC's Outdoor Leadership Training in April, 2019 and became a hike leader. Since then, he has led some challenging, mountainous hikes in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

He also completed the requirements and his co leads to become our newest trails leader.  Now that he is a trails leader, the PA Highlands Trail Stewards crew leader uses him as a co-leader when there is a larger group present and the workers are stretched out on the trail. Thank you Jesse!

If you know someone who deserves to be named Volunteer of the Month, send an e-mail to

Former DV chair Lois Rothenberger named as AMC’s club-wide treasurer

Lois Rothenberger, former DV chair and current southern regional director, has been nominated to be the treasurer of the entire AMC for 2020, and will almost certainly voted in at the club's annual meeting in Norcross, Mass.

It is a special honor for someone who has come up through the ranks of the chapters to be nominated for such a high level position, and demonstrates the many years of commitment to AMC and the wealth of volunteer and professional experience that Lois brings to the job.

Lois has been a member of the DV Chapter since 1996. She served as DV chapter treasurer from 2001-2004, chapter vice chair (2015-2016), chapter chair (2017-18) and regional director (2019-present). Lois’s professional experience has been in local government and nonprofit retirement communities, where she has primarily served as chief financial officer.

DV Chapter Chair Susan Weida said, “The DV Chapter has always known that Lois is one of the hardest working AMC Volunteers, but we were so happy to learn of her nomination as treasurer for the AMC board of directors. We are confident she will bring the same vision and clarity of thinking to the AMC Board that she has brought to her role in our Chapter as a leader, mentor, executive committee member, and regional director.“


Three days a year of Sunday hunting coming to Pennsylvania

A new Pennsylvania law has been enacted which permits hunting on three Sundays per calendar year – one within the archery deer season, one within the firearms deer season and one to be selected by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

The law will take effect Feb. 25, 2020, and the first new Sunday hunting days will be identified by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Sunday hunting up to now was limited to the hunting of foxes, coyotes, crows and feral hogs during open seasons.

Five DV leaders join 40 from other chapters for Train the Trainers weekend

AMC’s Train the Trainer (T3) course was held November 15-17, with more than 40 participants, at Prindle Pond Conference Center in Charlton, Massachusetts. The Delaware Valley Chapter is proud to recognize DV trainers-leaders Karla Geissler, Denis McCartan, Larry Priori, Midori Wakabayashi and Amy Williams for graduating and joining the ranks of AMC’s elite faculty of leadership trainers. DV also was represented by Leadership Chair, Jeff Fritzinger, along with Barbara Beatrice, both graduates of the inaugural T3 Class of 2017, and now faculty-instructors for the program.

T3 is an interactive weekend of learning new and effective methods to teach outdoor leadership skills. The program emphasizes experiential, “participant-driven” strategies to bolster content, retention... and fun! There are many opportunities for students to practice and build confidence in their facilitation skills. As Larry Priori commented, “To be involved with so many like minded individuals renewed my focus on the outdoors and the need to promote awareness among our younger generation of the amazing gift of nature that is there for the taking.”

Take the Kittatinny Ridge Recognition and Identification Survey

The Kittatinny Ridge (the Ridge) is Pennsylvania’s longest contiguous forested ridge. This long mountain range is familiar to many. It is the large forested expanse that one can view to the left when you travel north on Interstate 81 from the Maryland border and continue east on Interstate 78. It’s where many go to play, relax, enjoy nature, and get away from it all. Click here for more information and to take the survey.

Take Action:

Demand Full and Dedicated Funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund

Now is our chance to finally secure permanent, dedicated funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund. The United States Senate is reviewing S.1081, a bi-partisan bill to permanently provide $900 million annually to the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Write to your Senators today asking for their support of S.1081 by joining as a co-sponsor.

The Land and Water Conservation Fund is a visionary and bipartisan federal funding program for protecting our nation’s most special places. From Sterling Forest in the New York Highlands, to White Cap Mountain in Maine, to the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, the Land and Water Conservation Fund has funded the protection of some of our most iconic landscapes and trails in the Northeast. Earlier this year, we celebrated the permanent re-authorization of the Land Water Conservation Fund, but without dedicated funding Congress’ work is not complete.

Write to your Senators in support of funding for LWCF.

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