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Scanning Documents: Help

If you have a scanner or a multi-function device (printer, scanner and fax), you should be able to set the scanning parameters to give you clear scans and small file sizes. Below is a sample, your's may look quite a bit different. Of course, you could always read the instructions or help file that comes with the scanner


Look at your files before you send them! Can you read them?

Ideal settings for document scans will be:


      150 dpi      (dots per inch)


When it comes time to save the scan, give it the name of your trip, and choose PDFas the format. By choosing PDF, you will not only get a compact file, but will be able to add additional pages to the file. This is useful when you have more than one sign-in sheet per trip.

Never scan more than one trip into a single file.

If you cannot choose PDF as the format, choose jpg or jpeg. This will likely be the default setting. You will then create multiple files if you have more than one sign-in sheet.


Photographing Documents: Help

If you are using a camera or phone, place the document on a well-lit spot on the floor. Zoom in until the page nearly fills the view finder. Allow the camera or phone to auto focus, then snap the picture. Check th make sure the photo is readable.

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