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Electronic trip reporting

With our new on line trip report system, AMC-DV leaders can file trip reports electronically, instead of mailing them to the appropriate activity chair.

You will need to:

1. Get a User ID and password for the chapter trip reporting system. This is not the same thing as having a user ID and password for entering trips into AMC's on line activity system. However, you can keep things simple by using the same user ID and password for both.

(Explanation why: AMC's on line activity system is located on a secure server controlled by the staff at AMC headquarters in Boston. The trip reposting system is located on the secure server that hosts this web site, our DV Chapter site. This site and the trip reporting system was created by two local volunteers. We are actually a step or two ahead of what the folks in Boston are doing. For security and technical reasons, we have no access to your log in credentials on the trip listing server.)

If you have not yet been sent a link to set up your User ID and password, or if you have forgotten your ID, please contact

This help mailbox is monitored by a volunteer, so it may take a day or more to get a response, particularly on weekends. Please be patient!

2. Scan or photograph your trip sign in sheets. We just need the side with the signatures. The file format should be either PDF or JPEG. Click here for some very useful help with scanning or photographing your sign in release sheets.

After you are done scanning, look at the file, and make sure that you could read it.

3. Fill out the trip report on line at


When you report on line, here is what happens:

Sign in sheet plus on-line trip report...

No need to mail forms anymore!

This goes to the activity chair. You can get a copy e-mailed back to you if you check the appropriate box.

A copy automatically goes to our volunteer activity logger, who enters the trip and participant information. This is how we track miles hiked, rivers paddled, trails worked on, etc. This will be used for our new annual awards.

A copy automatically goes to AMC headquarters in Boston, where it is used for statistical purposes, and kept as a legal record.

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