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Past Volunteers of the Month

Charlie Ogle, for trail work

John Rowen, writing the program that generates the web Activities Calendar

Susan Bickford-Martin, starting the XC ski hot line and becoming our first skiing chair

Midori Wakabayashi, for her trail work

Barry Mazer, for making and donating hand-carved walking sticks

John Chalikian, for leading basic canoe instruction program

Jerry Srodes, for litter cleanup and trail maintenance

Mike Manes, trail maintainer, conservation volunteer and American Chestnut advocate

Walt Underhill, leads solo canoe training, stores and maintains club paddling equipment, leads many trips

Barbara Wiemann, for leading variety of new hikes in Lehigh Valley area

Denis McCartan, for leading a great number of new and varied hikes

Phill Hunsberger, for leading the Lehigh Valley Group, and organizing its monthly programs

Ian Kindle, for the wide variety of trips: hiking, biking, snowshoeing, XC skiing and paddling plus photo workshops

Steve Leibrock, leads bike trips, volunteers to sweep on hikes, contributes photographs to web and print

Jeff Lippincott for past service on the Executive Committee, active hiking and biking leader, mentor to leaders-in-training.

John Rogers for participation in all AT work trips this season, new leader mentor, Mohican weekend leader.

Dan Schwartz for leading AT trail work sessions, serving as ATC rep, Ridgerunner coordinator and numerous other AT and trails functions

Lizzie Grobbel for 20s & 39s leadership, introducing trail running to DV Chapter

Greg Bernet, for AT trailwork, volunteering as Highlands Trail Crew Coordinator.

Barb Blythe for being an active hiking, backpacking, and bicycling leader for our chapter.

Rich Pace, for hiking, paddling leadership, especially for the large number and wide variety of trips led, photography

Bill Murray, for Lehigh Valley Group meeting work, and more

David Stein, leads 50 plus hikes a year, Wissahickon hikes for 10 years

Barbara Beatrice and Jeff Fritzinger, Catskill trip leaders

Susan Weida, recorder of all our activities and participants

Ron Phelps, multi-activite leader, leadership committee member

Rick and Allison Hudson for their service for the DV Chapter, as hiking chai, secretary, social committee work

Terry Berntsen leader of day hikes, bike outings & multi-day events including camping, biking, hiking and XC skiing.

Pete Jarrett prolific hike leader and hiking teacher

Don Garrido is an hike leader, vice chair, Mohican Committee, Fall Gathering volunteer

Linda Watsula, social activity volunteer, hike leader

Carl Ganong, active backpack leader and trail maintainer

George Rockett, active hiking leader

Ira Rubinstein, multi-day adventure leader, world trekker

Rand Salani, leader of challenging hikes

Tammy Brandon, bike, hike leader, former bicycling chair

Geri Chmiel, organizer of chapter social events and Spring Fling

Sarah Richardsen, 20s & 39s leader and provider of  support to EC

Rich Einstein, hike, bike, conservation leader

Margaret McDonald, hike leader, data logger

Christine Loch, diversity volunteer

Joanie Schultz, popular hike series leader

Jay Gross, new hike series leader

Jose Ibarra, trail work and Valley Forge volunteer

Jeanne Mantell, who lends a versatile helping hand

Rich Kowal, a dedicated trail maintainer

Anthony Palandro, backpacking leader

Tom Sherwood, hiking leader

Mike Ahern, hike and bike leader, helps with Weekly Bulletin

Kieu Manes, conservationist, hiker

Larry Priori, creative hike leader

Jane and Greg Cook, conservation and coordination leaders

Bill Steinmetz for running our ridgerunner program

Priscilla Estes named volunteer of month for conservation promotion, leadership

Jennifer Percival, a skill building hike leader

Dan Loughner, trail worker and trip leader

Raun Kercher, hike, bike backpack leader

Tom George, AT trail worker

Bill De Stefano, publicity and backpack leader

Tom Marino, major force in the development of Highlands Trail

Mary Jane Martin, past social chair, event leader

Amy Williams, active new leader

Karla Geissler, hike leader, MLS grad, Fall Gathering volunteer

Steven Campanelli & Judy Farrell, hike, bike & backpack duo

Karen Rossino, bike leader, data coordinator

Jane Richter, twice top hiker, active trail worker

Cindy Friel, hike and paddling leader, interorganizational connection

Denis McCartan, trail running pioneer, leader trainer, active leader

Jesse Gusler, trail work leader with PA Highlands Trail Stewards

Julia Watson, rapidly advancing hike leader

Mark Kern, volunteer who takes on many different jobs

Joe Nanfara  for years of service as Chapter Treasurer, frequent hike leader

Diane Ullmer, hike leader and more

Blase Hartman, new leader, Fall Gathering coordinator of entertainment

Reed Goosen, bike, hike, paddling leader

Len Morawski, AT trail angel

Dave Mong, leads hikes bikes and backpacks for three chapter

Susan Weida, hike, bike leader,always ready to volunteer

Appie of the Year is awarded to a newer chapter member who has provided extraordinary service to the chapter. Past winners:

2020 Larry Priori

2019 Kathy Kindness

2018 Jay Gross

2017 John Rogers

2016 Greg Bernet

2015 Denis McCartan

2014 Susan Bickford-Martin

2013 Terry Berntsen

2012 Rich Pace

2011 Midori Wakabayashi

2010 Rhoda Eisman

2009 Anne Murphy

2008 Joan Aichele

2007 Rich Wells

2006 Craig Smith

2005 Jim Catozzi

2004 Jennifer Decker

2003 Kevin Perry

2002 Chris Cayer

2001 Andrea Deaton

2000 Paul Davis

1999 Bill McCaughey

1998 Kevin Burkman

1997 Kevin Kramer

1996 Rajat Tandon

1995 Rich Kajander

1994 Marty Seibert

1993 Kathy Kelly-Borowski

Golden Appie of the Year is awarded to a chapter member who has provided extraordinary service to the chapter over many years. Past winners:

2020 Joe Nanfara

2019 Mike Manes

2018 Phill Hunsberger

2017 Jim Catozzi

2016 Pat and Ken Sacks

2015 Rich Wells

2014 Esther Underhill

2013 Nancy and Cliff Hence

2012 John Rowen

2011 Mark Kern

2010 Allen Male

2009 Peter Jarrett

2008 Joseph Bell

2007 Eric Pavlak

2006 Lennie Steinmetz

2005 Walt Underhill

2004 Dan Schwartz, Lois Nichols

2003 Gary Leander

(None for 2002)

2001 Bill Steinmetz

2000 Helmut Gude

1999 Malcolm White

1998 Jane Shepard






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