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This is a quick guide to some of wildflowers you might see in bloom in our region throughout the year. Our region includes the area where our chapter members live and spend much of their outdoor time: from Delaware through Pennsylvania and New Jersey into southern New York.

 Do a web search on each plant for larger photos and detailed information.

Blooming happens later in the north and at higher altitude in the spring. In the fall, the timing is reversed: fall blooming plants will flower first further north and at higher altitude, then lower and to the south.

All the flowers on these pages have been field verified by the webkeeper and by volunteers. That means we have actually seen them growing in our region.

We have included information on problem invasive species.

If you know of a flowering wild plant that is missing, contact All photos are in the commons for non-commercial use, as is the information on this page.


March & April






October & November until freeze

Special pages

American Chestnut

American Lotus



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