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There are many good reasons to ride a bicycle.  In our region we are blessed with a plethora of trails and roads suitable for all kinds and intensities of bicycle riding. The activity is suitable for all ages and inclinations.  There are opportunities for trail and road riding, day trips, bike-packing, trekking, mountain biking, or just plain meandering.

When riding a bicycle the rider and the bicycle are integrated into an amazing self-propelled machine with no emissions.  The bicycle is a highly-refined mechanical marvel that utilizes human power in the most efficient means of self-propulsion imaginable.

We stay healthier riding a bicycle using roads less traveled.  The journey is also the destination, however the bicycle is also useful as a means of transporting oneself from point A to point B, and arriving at point B refreshed.  A bicycle ride provides an opportunity for contemplation.

Photo Credit: Dave Mong

When riding, many of us enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded riders in appealing outdoor settings.  Join us on an AMC bicycle activity.  Be outdoors on a bicycle.

  • Trip descriptions on are detailed to describe difficulty level, speed, distance, and terrain.
  • Activities include trail rides, road rides, multiple day trips and bikepacking.
  • Many trails in our area.
  • E-bikes are welcome.