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Special Use Permit Requirements

If you are planning to lead a hike on any trails that cross Pennsylvania State Game Lands other than the Appalachian Trail with a group size of more than 10 persons you must file for a Special Use Permit with the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Each individual hike must have its own separate permit. Permits are not required for 10 or fewer hikers.

The ideal lead-time to apply for a permit is at least a month, if possible, especially for the SE region. NE region asked for at least a week’s notice but obviously the earlier the better.

This is a list of most of the SGL’s you will need a permit for: 013, 038, 046, 052, 057, 080, 106, 110, 127, 141, 149, 157, 168, 170, 180, 210, 211, 217, 221, 229, 264, 280, 312, 043, 136, 165

The South East and the North East regions areas may be the most common areas where you may decide to go hiking.

To find a map of the individual SGL’s go to the PA Game Commission Mapping Center: Pennsylvania State Game Lands Maps

To apply for a permit in the South East Region of the state:

Contact David Mitchell, Land Management Supervisor. If you email him the permit application they will email you the approved permit.

To apply for a permit in the North East Region of the state:

  • Contact dispatch 570-675-1143, who will create an incident for the Land Manager to respond to.
  • The Land Manager contacts the Hike leader and coordination occurs as to location, timing and other special provisions or needs.
  • Special Use Permit is sent to Land Manager (this may be occurring at same time as step 2 is occurring), to be forwarded to Region Supervisor for approval process to occur electronically.
  • Special Use Permit is forwarded via email to hike leader. Blank Special Use Permit Application (insert link to permit)

To find additional contact information for the remaining Regional Offices go to the Pennsylvania Game Commission website: Pennsylvania State Game Commission Regional Offices.

Or download the blank Special Use Permit. The Regional Offices contact information is on the second page of the permit.