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Paddling is a great way to get out and see nature and visit places you cannot reach on foot or by bicycle.

Our goals is to teach, practice and promote safe paddling while traveling on our rivers, lakes, wetlands and bays. We want to experience nature and to learn about and protect the natural ecosystems of our waterways.

The Delaware Valley Chapter runs mostly flatwater trips. Many are suitable for beginners and novices, while some may require more experience and skills. On some trips rental canoes and kayaks are available. This will be noted in the listing. However, it may be possible to borrow or share a boat if you don’t have one. Ask the leader as early as possible before the trip date.

Safety us of primary importance. Life jackets (Personal Flotation Devices) must be worn and secured at all times while on the water on all club trips. There are no exceptions to this rule. Helmets are required on all whitewater trips.

Water and weather conditions may require the leader to postpone. relocate or cancel a trip. Therefore we require all padders to register for each trip and give the leader a way to contact you prior to the start of the trip.

Please read the trip description carefully. It will describe the trip and the type of equipment, clothing and gear needed. It will state any special skills or experience required.

While we no longer have the extensive whitewater paddling program we once had, we do sometimes offer whitewater trips. We also may offer sea kayaking trips involving significant waves pr long distances from land. The skill and equipment requirements for these will be clearly stated in the trip description.