Leader Hotline

Just for Delaware Valley Chapter leaders!

Join the Leader Hotline and get immediate e-mail notification of things that you, as a leader, need to know.

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All Delaware Valley activity leaders are welcome to join this hotline, or to quit it if so desired. If you were a leader subscribed to the old Yahoo hotline, we moved you to this service. There is no need to join anything to participate.

To send a message to all leaders on the hotline, simply send an e-mail to dvleaderlist@simplelists.com. Attachments are permitted, but they will be screened for size and safety by one of our volunteer moderators.

If you receive a hotline e-mail and wish to reply to the sender, simply reply to that e-mail. If you want to reply to the entire group, add dvleaderlist@simplelists.com in the TO field.

You can unsubscribe, subscribe or change your e-mail address any time on this page. Please allow up to a day for changes to take effect, as this hotline is moderated by volunteers, several of your fellow leaders.