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Hiking is an easy way to enjoy the outdoors, spend time with others, and improve physical and mental health. Delaware Valley offers many types of hiking experiences led by a team of dedicated volunteers. Our hikes range in difficulty from challenging climbs to casual walks in the park. We strive to offer a variety of hikes all over the Delaware Valley and beyond. Popular destinations include Valley Forge National Historic Park, Ridley Creek and French Creek State Parks, Wissahickon Valley Park, and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, just to name a few. Further afield, there opportunities to hike in the White Mountains, Catskills, and the Pennsylvania Wilds. We do urban hikes as well. Check out our Activities Database to find out where we’re going next!

In addition to offering hikes in a variety of locations, volunteers also take creative spins on the basic walk in the woods. You will find activities that incorporate nature observation, history lessons, fishing, photography, yoga and meditation, art, and more. We offer a variety of paces and difficultly levels, from casual walks to trail runs. As with all AMC volunteer-led activities, hiking leaders are trained in a variety of hard and soft skills. You can be confident that AMC hikes are safe and fun!