Leaders: COVID-19 virus training is required to lead trips

It keeps us safe, and it keeps both AMC and you insured!

It is easy to do. First watch this video It is 50 minutes long, and some of it does not apply to chapter trips, but you can handle it.

Next, take the quiz. It just takes a few minutes, and is easy. The link is under the video, but if you have trouble finding it click here.

Be sure to select “Chapter Leader” on line four.

4. What is your primary role at AMC (reason you are taking this training)

If you don’t specify “Chapter Leader,” one of our volunteers will have to hunt for your name in a list of all AMC leaders.

Allow 24-36 hours before all the records are updated. They are currently updated manually, and do not update on weekends. You will then be able to lead trips.