Exploring the Tunnels of Conestoga

A group of ten participants went on an AMC led hike along the Enola Low Grade Rail Trail to explore the tunnels that help drain the railroad tracks in this area. These tunnels were engineered with precision with their attention to detail in their brickwork and strong bases. The first half of the hike took the participants through the first six tunnels (this includes one tunnel you drive through to reach the parking area.) At the top of each tunnel, there is a numeric code which was used by a thief to recover their stashed gems. (More on that here: https://unchartedlancaster.com/tunnels-of-enola-adventure/tunnels-of-enola-lost-diary/) The route passes by an old train wreckage site where rail car debris is visible.

After the first part of the hike was completed, part of the group, entered the optional secondary part of the hike, which consisted of an exploratory search for more historic remains. This led them further into the Shenks Ferry Wildflower Preserve where they discovered a seventh tunnel. What an exciting exploration in this historic area!