Whitewater Paddling

From the mid 1970s until 2014, the chapter had a very active whitewater paddling program, often running more than 50 trips a year on class II to IV rivers. Introductory instruction courses for both whitewater and general paddling that drew more than 20 students, plus advanced classes in whitewater and sea kayak paddling were offered each year, For the past 25 years, swiftwater safety training classes have been full every year, For many years, the chapter also ran annual week-long whitewater trips along the Appalachians as far south as Georgia, plus weekend trips to the Adirondacks and New England The club once owned and maintained nine whitewater boats and still has three. Loss of leaders and general loss of interest in whitewater among members eliminated that program. Meanwhile, the flatwater program, once small, has grown, and now offers trips most weekends from late April to mid-October.