Alaska’s National Parks: A Glimpse of Alaska’s Natural Treasures

Weds, May 15th 7:30 PM at Illick’s Mill, 100 Illick’s Mill Rd, Bethlehem, PA and on Zoom (link below)

Join Holly Adams as she gives us a glimpse of Alaska’s natural treasures. Alaska gets its name from the Aleut word meaning “the great land”, and indeed it is! Its landmass and diverse topographic features can only be described with superlatives. No other state has as many of North America’s highest peaks; larger expanses of glaciers and icefields; a more extensive coastline; thousands of rivers and millions of lakes; towering sand dunes; and potentially active volcanoes. These and many other natural wonders are protected in Alaska’s 8 National Parks – most of which are remote and cannot be easily reached. Few have maintained trails, lodging, or other services.

Join us on a whirlwind month-long trip through 7 of the parks to view just a few of Alaska’s treasures, including some of the unique fauna and flora that inhabit the diverse biomes of America’s 49th state.

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