Costa Rica’s Biodiversity. “Pura Vida” – the Pure Life. 

This was heard many times a day during Susan Weida’s recent stay in Costa Rica. Tiny Costa Rica contains 5% of the world’s biodiversity, 121 volcanic formations, 800 miles of coastline, and hundreds of native birds. Its unique national identity is focused on the conservation of this environment as a centerpiece of the national economy, along with a focus on providing excellent education and healthcare to its citizens. In 1949 Costa Rica abolished their army to focus on these priorities. DV Chapter member Susan Weida will tell us about her Road Scholar trip to see five of the unique ecological areas in Costa Rica which included contact with proud Costa Rican conservationists, farmers, and ecotourism providers.


We will once again be meeting in person at Illick’s Mill in Bethlehem as well as on Zoom. No registration is required for in-person attendance, register with this link if attending on Zoom.

Information on upcoming outdoor events will be available. Everyone is welcome. Contact coordinator with any questions.

If you missed the AMC Lehigh Valley Group program Costa Rica’s Biodiversity on November 15th, presented by DV Chapter member Susan Weida about her recent Road Scholar trip to see five of the unique ecological areas in Costa Rica, you can now view the meeting/presentation in the link below.