Nepal Village Life

Future Zoom Presentation

A virtual Zoom meeting will be held 7:30 pm. Wednesday, June, 16, 2021. Join Phill Hunsberger as he tells us about a business trip with his nephew, Dale Nafziger, to Barchet Tole village, Nuwakot District, Nepal, Mr. Nafziger, who operates a coffee business in Kathmandu, Nepal is establishing a business relationship with subsistence farmers in Barchet Tole, to grow quality coffee. This coffee will that be bought by Mr. Nafziger and used in his Top of the World business, in Kathmandu. We are aware of the beauty of Nepal’s scenic trekking destinations; this presentation will highlight another side of the Nepal: the beauty of life in a village distant from any the tourist route.

Information on upcoming outdoor events will be available. Everyone is welcome. Reservations are required. Contact Phill H. at 610-533-1390 with any questions.

Please register in advance for this meeting on Zoom meeting.