Overnight Canoe Camping in the Adirondack Wilderness

Wednesday, April 19, 2023, 7:30 PM

Explore some of the Adirondacks’ most remote, overnight canoe camping areas with Mark Zakutansky, covering three summers of paddle-in, paddle-out primitive trips across the more than 30,000-acre William C. Whitney & Round Lake Wilderness Area on Lake Lila, Little Tupper Lake, and Round Lake. Joined on these excursions by Mark’s wife, Leigh, son, Brady and dog, Rio, as well as family friends, we’ll discover the thrills and challenges of multi-day wilderness camping with kids, including route planning, weather emergencies, food packing, portaging, as well as the uniqueness and cherished beauty of the 6-million-acre Adirondack Park, our nation’s largest publicly protected area in the lower 48 states. Along the way, we’ll find beaver lodges, loon nests, long abandoned camps and trails, fishing holes, gorgeous sunsets, night skies, evening campfires, card games and stories galore.

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Location: Illicks Mill, 100 Illicks Mill Rd, Bethlehem, Pa 18017 or join us on Zoom

Everyone is welcome. Reservations are not required if you are attending in person, but will be necessary if you are connecting via Zoom

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