The Colorado Trail

Mar 20, 2024 07:30 PM EST @ Lehigh Valley Group Zoom meeting

Margot Lacey will share another one of her trail experiences in the western US with us: the Colorado Trail. This trail wends its way from just outside Denver southwest to Durango. Over its 486 miles, it rises from 5522 feet to a high of 13,271 feet at mile 373. For over 300 miles, the CT and the CDT share the trail.

Photo Credit: Margot Lacey

The Colorado Trail crosses eight mountain ranges, six national forests, and countless streams and rivers. There are oxygen-deprived climbs and some hot, dry slogs along miles of fence-line in cattle country, but the magnificent mountain passes, gorgeous mesas, and splendid alder and aspen alleys make the Colorado Trail totally worth the effort. Including a few rest days in fabulous trail towns, Margot spent thirty-one days on the trail last summer, before having to come off just seventy miles from the end. Plans are already in place for her to get back on the trail and become a “Trail Completer” in 2024!

Information on upcoming outdoor events will be available. Everyone is welcome.

The video of the presentation cna be found in the link below.