Essential Paddling Guide Books

Keystone Canoeing: A Guide to Canoeable Water of Eastern Pennsylvania

by Edward Gertler., Seneca Press.

Maryland and Delaware Canoe Trails: A Paddler’s Guide to Rivers of the Old Line and First States

by Edward Gertler, Seneca Press.

Garden State Canoeing: A Paddler’s Guide to New Jersey

by Edward Gertler, Seneca Press. Seneca Press.

As essential to paddling the rivers of these states as your canoe or kayak! All are illustrated with maps that show access points, local roads, dams and other obstructions and more. They describe trip characteristics, scenery, water quality, level of difficulty, hazards, recommended gage readings and more. Covers all levels of difficulty, from flatwater to expert-level rivers. Gertler personally paddles every trip listed in his books. Among the best guide books ever written in any outdoor sport! Ed Gertler’s web site.