Delaware Valley’s 2023 Outdoor Leadership Training course


The AMC-DV’s annual Outdoor Leadership Training course took place this year on the weekend of March 25-26 in the Environmental Education Center at Nockamixon State Park. The “Class of 2023” included a total of 25 participants with a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. Some had considerable previous experience with leading hiking, biking, and backpacking trips for other groups or AMC Chapters, while other participants were quite new to AMC and to outdoor leadership. All expressed an interest in learning more about how to safely enjoy experiences in the outdoors and share those adventures with others.

Their comments at the conclusion of the course indicated that they felt the course had, indeed, been a worthwhile one:

“The entire training was very well done. Presenters were very knowledgeable, professional, and effective. I was impressed!”

“Everything was new and eye opening. Learned a lot, need to learn more.”

“The roleplays were amazing for learning and getting to know other participants better.”

“Knowledgeable speakers, great interactions with attendees”

“I thought the two days were just perfect, not too much… not too little.”

“I appreciated hearing from a wide variety of experienced people.”

“Loved all the interactive and / or outside time. Entire program was valuable & useful.”

Congratulations to the OLT Class of 2023 graduates: Holly Adams, George Cagle, Eric Carter, Robert Coia, Paul Gehris, Kathy Gill, Paula Goulden Naitove, Pat Grannan, Wendell Gulick, Kate Hausman, Steve Jarreau, Cheryl Jones, David Kenosian,

Welles Lobb, Jim Mann, Ryan McLaughlin, Christian Morrow, Timothy Olah, David Rabold, Sarah Sato, Brian Sisko, Jerzy Sliwinski, Hannah Tyburski, Doug Wilson, and Piljo Yae.

And many thanks to the facilitators for this year’s course: Anne Lise Almira, Stan DeRiel, Barbara Fritzinger, Jeff Fritzinger, Karla Geissler, Cait Handlin, Dave Hoke, Pete Jarrett, Denis McCartan, Margaret McDonald, Joe Nanfara, Adrian Noble,

Eric Pavlak, Ron Phelps, Larry Priori, John Rowen, Annette Sheldon, Lennie Steinmetz, Midori Wakabayashi, and Susan Weida.

Our volunteer leaders are the heart of the DV Chapter, and we are fortunate indeed to have such a great group of experienced and incoming leaders in our ranks!

Inspiring a New Generation of Trail Maintainers

AMC Delaware Valley Logo

Along the wind-swept ridgeline overlooking Palmerton, Pennsylvania, a group of six volunteers spent eight weeks this past autumn building a new section of the Appalachian Trail (A.T.). The Trail, snaking along the Appalachian Mountains for nearly 2,200 miles, is surprisingly not a static entity — its location shifts slightly year-to-year as new land is conserved and opportunities to move the Trail to a more sustainable location arise.

Source: Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Reauthorize the Highlands Conservation Act


Many AMC DV members have enjoyed stays at Harriman, and many use (and maintain) trails in other areas of the Pennsylvania and New York Highlands. The current and future health of these lands depends on the Highlands Conservation Act, which expires at the end of this year.

There are two bills now in Congress, H.R.2793 and S.753, that would reauthorize this valuable program, but they need to be voted on. Please ask your members of Congress to bring these bills to a vote as soon as possible.

Naturalist Photo Contest!

delware river
delware river
photo courtesy of Delaware River Means

Take, identify, and submit photos of plants, animals, and fungi that you come across while out-and-about in and around the Delaware River for chances to win great outdoor-related prizes! 
The Delaware River Means Biodiversity contest is your chance to connect on a more thoughtful level with the natural world around you.

The Delaware River Watershed provides a thriving home to hundreds of species and if you look closely enough, you will be able to find them just about anywhere! 

Contest Link: Delaware River Means | Delaware River Means Biodiversity | Campaign

Facebook Page: Delaware River Means | Facebook

The valuable community science tool, iNaturalist, is a great way to get involved with researchers and help further their science while also giving you the opportunity to learn something new! Simply record your observations, share with fellow iNaturalists, and discuss your findings. Each of your observations will contribute to biodiversity science by helping scientists collect and use your data. iNaturalist is a free, easy-to-use app that anyone can enjoy!

iNaturalist:  A Community for Naturalists · iNaturalist