Hike, Ceremony Celebrate 51 Years of LeRoy Smith Shelter

Leroy Smith Shelter Anniversary letter

A commemorative hike and ceremony were held on November 26 at the LeRoy Smith Shelter on the AT, marking 51 years to the day since it was built by Delaware Valley Chapter volunteers in 1972.

The shelter is located on a 16-mile section of the Appalachian Trail between Wind Gap and Little Gap that has been maintained by our chapter since the late sixties.

LeRoy Smith, the driving force behind building the shelter, died at an early age shortly after it was completed.

Read the story of the shelter the Summer 2017 issue of Footnotes written by Ken Graham, who participated in the construction of the shelter, and watch the video of the ceremony using the links below.

Most Active Participants & Leaders in 2021


The following are lists for the 2021, most active participants and most active leaders of Appalachian Mountain Club Delaware Valley Chapter.

Most active participants in 2021

Jane Richter
Gregory Bernet
Jay Gross
Jerry Taylor
Nancy Marciniak
Susan Weida
Adrian Noble
John Rogers
Richard Einstein
Dave Hoke
Robert Hileman
Annette Sheldon
Stan deRiel
Christine Filippone
Elizabeth Depenna
Jerald Srodes
Larry Priori
Kathy Ciliberti
Cameron Smith
John Rowen
Dave Schofield
Lois Rothenberger
Mary Morley
James Bloom
Michelle Thompson
Paul Schulke
Holly Adams
Robert Willenbucher
David Rabold
Joanne McDonald
Sue Auyeung
Mike Manes
Karen Rossino
Peter Jarrett
Lynn Fraser
Jeffrey Schrager
Diane Ullmer
R. Phelps
Walter Auyeung
Richard Hudson
John Buzdygon
Geraldine Chmiel
Michael Ahern
Lisa Kleiman
Martin Mersky
Lennie Steinmetz
Rich Pace
Jesse Gusler
Susan Bickford-Martin
Scott Holloway
Amy Newman
Dorothy Knaus
Kathy Gill
Blase Hartman
Susan Mosley
Midori Wakabayashi
Carol Broadbent
Kayleen Soffer
George Rockett
Allison Hudson
Lisa Schustak
Paul Schott


Miles Equivalent Scale

ranked by mile equivalents

Hiking – 1 mile = 1 mile
Backpacking – 1 mile = 1 mile
Snowshoeing – 1 mile = 1 mile
Biking – 1 day bike ride = 10 miles
Paddling – 1 day paddling = 10 miles
X-C skiing – 1 day trip = 10 miles
Alpine skiing – 1 day trip = 10 miles
Trail work – 1/2 day = 15 miles
Conservation – 1/2 day =15 miles
Shelter Watch – 1 visit = 10 miles
Volunteering – 1 outing = 10 miles

Most active leaders in 2021

four or more leads

Michael Ahern
Katie Barok
Gregory Bernet
Theresa Berntsen
Susan Bickford-Martin
Steven Campanelli
Paul Davis
Stan deRiel
Richard Einstein
Judy Farrell
Jay Gross
Blase Hartman
Peter Jarrett
Raun Kercher
Lisa Kleiman
Denis McCartan
David Mong

Adrian Noble
Rich Pace
Janet Penner
Larry Priori
George Rockett
John Rogers
Karen Rossino
Lois Rothenberger
John Rowen
Daniel Schwartz
Annette Sheldon
Jacob Sitkin
Kayleen Soffer
Lennie Steinmetz
Jerry Taylor
Diane Ullmer
Jill Watkins
Julia Watson
Susan Weida

2021 Annual Meeting


This years annual members meeting took place on November 4th, 2021. Two AMC speakers provided updated information on our latest programs and activities. The election of 2022 Executive Committee took place. There were two annual awards presented including this years Appie Award and this years Golden Appie Award.

Lisa Kleiman burst onto the Delaware Valley Chapter scene in late 2020 as an active and engaged participant in the chapter’s first all virtual leader training. She quickly became certified as a hike leader with an early spring 2021 trek through Tyler Park.

Since then, she has led more than a dozen interesting and creative themed hikes in varied settings including urban, wildlife and nature preserves, and local parks. Lisa’s innovative approach to trip planning helps to promote AMC’s commitment to inclusion, making the outdoors accessible to everyone!

Lisa volunteered in 2021 to serve as the Chapter’s Publicity Chair, executing resourceful strategies to re-engage leaders and members as we emerged from pandemic restrictions for our activities.

AMC’s Delaware Valley Chapter is pleased to present Lisa with the 2021 Appie of the Year award in recognition of her energy and commitment to serving our members.

The Golden Appie is awarded to a chapter member who has provided extraordinary service to the chapter over many years. We are proud to announce that our recipient of the Golden Appie for 2021 is Susan Weida.

An AMC-DV member since 2009, Susan has been actively involved in chapter activities since joining. She is a consistent participant and leader in our recurring Wednesday hike series, in hikes and bike rides all over the area, and hikes in far flung places as well. Susan became a hike and bike leader in 2016 and has consistently led trips since then. She became more involved with the chapter when she served as data recorder of activities and participants, for which she was named Volunteer of the Month. Susan took on more responsibility when she became Chapter Vice Chair 2016-2018 and then Chapter Chair 2018-2020. She proved a very able leader guiding the chapter, and in this role, she also became a valuable member of the Chapters Committee for all AMC chapters. Her views are widely respected by the AMC staff in Boston. She presents her views to them in a way that is not confrontational, but still to the point, and therefore, gets her concerns heard by the powers that be.

Since retiring from the Chair position in 2020 she has still attended Executive Committee meetings this entire year in order to help the current Chair and Vice Chair. Upon the re-opening of activities after the Covid shutdown, Susan took it upon herself to organize and re-introduce our regular Wednesday hikes that are attended and valued by many.

Susan has helped our club in so many ways. She is a doer, not a talker. When something needs to be done, she doesn’t just talk about it, but gets up and DOES it. She is very welcoming and inclusive to all new participants as well as a positive presence to all, and a friend to many veteran participants. Thank you, Susan, for all you have done and continue to do!

2022 Executive Committee

View a list of the 2022 Executive Committee for the Appalachian Mountain Club, Delaware Valley Chapter.

Lisa Kleiman
Susan Weida

Greg Bernet presented with Pychowska trails award for third time


Chapter Trails Chair Greg Bernet was the recipient of the Marian Pychowska Award for the third time by doing 158 hours of trail work during 2020, presented at AMC’s Annual Summit on January 23, There are 96 hours minimum required for award.

He is the leader of the Pennsylvania Highlands Trail Stewards who have built new trails around Ringing Rocks County Park, in Veterans’ Park near Quakertown, and are currently scouting a new trail to be built in Nockamixon State Park. He also leads the New Jersey Highlands Trail Crew which does maintenance in Jenny Jump State Forest and the western section of The Highlands Trail.

Greg is AMC-DV’s Coordinator of the Appalachian Trail Boundary Monitors program for the Appalachian Trail Conference and National Park Service, as well as a monitor himself. He is also a member of our club’s AT maintenance crew and a certified sawyer, does solo maintenance on a section of the AT in N.J. at Culvers Gap in Stokes State Forest as well as on the Pahaquarry Trail on the backside of Mt. Tammany at Delaware Water Gap, and he is AMC-DV’s representative to the New York New Jersey Trail Conference.


Raun Kercher earns AMC 2021 Volunteer Leadership Award

Raun Kercher of the Delaware Valley Chapter is a recipient of AMC’s 2021 Volunteer Leadership Award, which was presented at the club-wide annual meeting, held on line this year because of the ongoing pandemic. Since completing Outdoor Leadership Training, Raun has become a hiking, biking and backpacking leader for the Delaware Valley Chapter. He has led a wide variety of trips in each of these activities, notably characterized by his detailed, creative and compelling trip descriptions. After only one year as a leader, he took on the role of Publicity Chair for the DV Chapter. He applied his creative and technology talents in many ways to increase the chapter’s social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. Raun produced entertaining and informative videos about Earth Day and our new activity ratings system to be shared on these platforms. He also elevated the promotion of the chapter’s Fall Gathering to new levels. In 2020, he volunteered to join DV’s Leadership Committee, making important contributions to the leadership training planning efforts. He is playing a critical role in development of a virtual outdoor leadership training platform for the chapter. Raun’s diverse efforts as a leader, trainer, and technology specialist have made a positive difference for AMC and the DV Chapter.

Jane Richter, top mileage hiker two years in a row, active trail worker, Volunteer of the Month


Jane Richter: to some, she seems like the Energizer Bunny in that she shows up every week for hikes, no matter how far away they are or whether they’re an easy canal walk or a mountain climb. She has been the number one AMC-DV member in terms of total mileage for the last two years.

But a lot of people don’t know that she has also been an active volunteer in doing trail work with the Pennsylvania Highlands Trail Stewards and the New Jersey Highlands Trail Crew, working in Ringing Rocks County Park, Veterans’ Park in Quakertown, and all the way up in the Jenny Jump State Forest in New Jersey.

As an active hiker, she appreciates the quality of a well maintained trail and knows that trails don’t maintain themselves, but are maintained by dedicated volunteers like herself. Thanks for pitching in Jane, and congratulations!

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