Footnotes Fall 2023

  • They hiked 50 miles in a day! Two separate 50 mile one-day hikes by DV Chapter members.
  • Training and expanding Valley Forge trail crews: AMC trail leaders, NPS staff and volunteers working to maintain and improve park trails.
  • Teaching outdoor skills at PEEC.
  • Paddling the Perkiomen Creek.
  • August Camp 2023 story and lots of photos.

Footnotes Spring 2018

  • DV Chapter leaders earn top honors at AMC annual meeting
  • Matthew Henson, story of a polar explorer
  • Trekking Iceland with AMC Mountain Leadership School skills
  • Mohican Getaways for kids
  • Outdoor Leadership Workshop April 6-8
  • Top activities leaders and participants of 2017
  • Hiking, paddling skills programs, and more!